Saturday, September 21, 2013

Colin Firth's New Identity

Have you ever thought of just leaving it all behind? This was what lead character Wallace Avery did in the new movie Arthur Newman.

Tired of living like a loser, the amateur golfer fakes his own death and assumes a new life under the name Arthur Newman. As he goes around trying to build his new identity, he bumps into Mike, a girl who is also trying to run away from herself by living under her twin sister's name.      

To spice things up, they break into empty homes and assume the lives of the absent owners. Through their charades, they reveal pieces of their past, and go on the road towards their own self-rediscoveries.

Colin Firth (still hot as ever) breathes life into the character of Wallace/Arthur, and he lends the poignant role his innate charm and a pretty darn good American accent, which pairs very well with the edgy acting of award-winner Emily Blunt. The movie, written by Becky Johnston, gives a glimpse of what many people would really like to do -- live life in someone else's shoes.

the movie is released and distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation, showing in Philippine cinemas on October 11. 

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