Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cuteness Overload from Despicable Me 2

Yellow is the color of cuddly -- thanks to these pint-sized little critters that are poised to steal the show once again from Gru and his little wards Margo, Agnes, and Edith.

Despicable Me 2 is a movie that kids and kids-at-heart are looking forward to, especially those who laughed out loud at the sidesplitting antics of those cute Minions. Who knew that the bomb-manufacturing business was so much fun, right?  

Well, finally the long wait is over, minion fans! Those who had to content themselves with watching funny shorts on the internet will now get to see the next installment of the Despicable Me franchise. New characters are added, including Bridesmaids actress Kristen Wiig -- who formerly voiced the pudgy Southern Belle Miss Hattie (yes, the one who ran the orphanage that puts non-productive cookie sellers in the box of shame). Now, Kristen lends her vocals to pert and pretty Special Agent Lucy Wilde who goes on an adventure to the now-reformed Gru in a mission to save the Earth from the villain whose code name is El Macho

Steve Carell, who voiced the curmudgeon Gru was quoted to have been surprised by the phenomenal success of the first movie (it grossed more than $540 million), but really there is no reason for it, as he himself describes it as "animated but very human." He goes on to say, "Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 are smart, funny and heartfelt without being cloying overly sentimental.  They tug the heart strings just enough without going too far.  The writers did such a great job creating something special and unique."

The movie shows on July 3 in Philippine theaters, and is released and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment.   

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