Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stand Up Guys: A Cool Mobster Mash

  Are you talking to them?

Mafioso movie fanatics will definitely enjoy this epic gathering of  three of screendom's most memorable mobsters: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin topbill Stand Up Guys, a comedy about three aging tough guys who are trying to relive their glory days as hoodlums in suits.

After all the reminiscing and hi-jinks the group gets into, the twist is that one of them is keeping a secret that threatens to explode if they don't get on top of the situation. Of course, the trio gets to resolve the crisis with their street-smarts and wisecracks. Trying to beat a bunch of gangsters in their own game? Fuhgettaboudit! Shootouts are, like, their thing, and the bonus is that they look good doing it too.

Reunion movies seem to be the thing these days, with big name stars collaborating on action-packed flicks. Stand Up Guys has the formula down pat, complete with mobspeak and action scenes to show that these guys can really walk the talk. 

The movie comes to Philippine theaters soon, and is released by Crystalsky Multimedia.

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