Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life's a Bitch

Mercury in retrograde. Murphy's Law. These are some of the excuses given these days for things that go wrong. In reality, some of these unfortunate happenstances that occur in our lives can be prevented. But of course, it is easier to blame the Universe for a streak of bad luck.

Life's a bitch, and i agree. But to bitch about it is counterproductive. When something bad happens, move on, shake it off, and learn from the experience. This was a realization that came to me when i woke up to a really bad day. I was late for an appointment, and it so happened that the Metro Manila traffic was more than bad, it was a parking lot along the expressway. And when i finally got to my destination, all sweaty and hot, it was a WTF moment when i realized that all the rushing about was for nothing because the media coverage was also mistakenly assigned to someone else who got there ahead of me. I bowed out gracefully and learned many lessons from it -- wake up early, anticipate the traffic, and check my assignment details at least a day before.
Oh, and did i mention, "wake up early"???
Of course, that is still not a fool-proof plan of action, but it helps to have one. Much as even the most well-planned parts of our lives can still get screwed up, the Universe is not averse to throwing a few curve balls too. On hindsight, I was even lucky on that fateful day, because there happened to be a pending appointment nearby that i could keep, and instead of heading back home, i chose to go there instead. I found out from colleagues that i had a better time at my coverage than they did at my previous one.

So heck yeah, stop bitching. Life will love you better for it. Then you will find that you will enjoy life even more. When you find that things are going wrong, take a moment to pray, keep your cool, and think of what you can do next. The answer will come to you.  


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